wednesday’s english day at Rumah Pohon


Hi there!

Several weeks ago i’ve got that ignoring-blogging-syndrome again, which later i regretted quite much. First, i guess i just too busy to stalk on a blog of an emak2, which is for me i actually took many lessons from her writings bcz she wrote a lot (when i say a lot, that means A LOT) about her ‘royal’ life, her housewife & momma world, and also bcz she wrote some in english. Thanx a lot maam. Second, i actually have wrote a post but then i stuck in the middle of my paragraph, feeling so pointless and less inspiring about it. So it’s still in my local draft. Third, i do some blogwalking and found out that a friend of mine wrote her blog in english although almost in every posts she said “sorry for my bad grammar” ;). I contemplate myself (okay, this is lebay) and then i realized, why don’t i make one? Why don’t i use my blog as a place for practicing writing english for myself? So finally, i have decided to choose a special day in a week which i must make a post full in english! And i chose wednesday! Yeaa!

Thank you sooo much Fadlina who do pushed me to “write, and just write”, and shared her experiences in increasing her ability in english so she could be like now. I keep your promise to be a faithful partner of mine in english, Lin 😉

So this is my first post in english (i guess..), in wednesday (which i couldn’t believe i can made it!) as english day. Gonna prepare for the next english day for next week inSyaAllah, hope you can help me to correct if there any mistake!

Sincerely yours,


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