opening the Box of Dream..



We have ever had a dream. A dream that unfortunately, we couldn’t reach yet in the first times we’ve been together. The difficulties we faced made us think that we have to give up to the destiny. So we put the dream in a box, we closed it tightly–very tight, and we put it deep down in our memories. We’ve never open the box again.

Until the beginning of this year. This 2015. We’re trying bravely to open the box again. The Box of Dream. With a lot of serious thoughts, discusses, brainstormings. We know what we will face, we know what we are dealing with, and it’s definitely not an easy decision. But we know that if we never try, we’ll never know. We hardly convinced ourselves that when there is a will, there is a way. No matter how hard it will be. We have nothing to loose.

This year, when we’ll about turning 25. Our last chance. We will try the best of ours.

Only prayer could change the destiny..


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