The Alam Rasa Seafood Restaurant, we obviously will back!

okay i admit that i owe you (my blog of course, unless there are any reader :p) wedneslish, but this week i haven’t write one since i almost haven’t much time to write in weekdays. My daughter has some changes in her bedtime (these days she slept almost at 11pm) so i couldn’t survive any longer in the midnight.

This time I’m gonna have a culinary journal, my first though. Here we go.

disclaimer: although this post would talk about food, there won’t be any food pict. It’s because i used to commit myself not to take any photo of whatever my dish, no matter how delicious it looks, because it’s tooo mainstream, and I’m not that kind of those people who put it on socmed just so the world know what they eat, y know.

But from now on i think i should consider it again.

Besides, I’m an amateur after all. Am i?

About 2 weeks ago in my routine activity–checking my fb timeline, a friend of mine in dept. of biology named Oji write a promotion status for his brand new seafood restaurant. “Alam Rasa”, It’s located in jagakarsa, near the Al Wiqoyah mosque he said. I certainly have no idea where on earth the location is, but my husband did.

Me and my husband are not foodie, we seldom taking any culinary trip. I myself is a conservative one; means if i like one menu of food, i would visit the same restaurant with the same menu i like. My pallet of taste is totally a poor one, i don’t get myself used of trying some new menu. For the record, i like the western food more than any others, and i would explore until the smallest road to find a resto that serve westerns (ugh!). I’m totally a picky eater since i was child; i don’t like veggies, meats, jeroan, fish, boiled eggs (my tongue has been very intolerant to this), soto, tongseng, aaand many traditional foods, you name it. Wonder how my husband might very bored when choosing what to eat?

Well, he unbelievably isn’t. He always tried to follow me anything that i wanted to eat. So, when i tell him that my friend has a seafood restaurant, and i said maybe i want we have some dinner there someday, he nodded happily.

About seafood (in here we usually use seafood to mention not only food from sea but also from fresh water, cmiiw), i almost dislike all of the menu but in fact i like udang a bit. Several years passed then i started to open my heart to taste as many food as i would. I started to like gurame, tuna, even lele, and sort of other fishes. Nah, for seafood, i declare myself to try the menu wider than what i mentioned above.

So there we were last night. It’s easy to find it; an open resto with the lesehan tables (just like what Oji posted on fb). There are already two customers that i assume they’re Oji’s friends. I ordered udang goreng mentega, while my husband ordered kwetiau seafood, and Ayuma enjoyed a cup of a tea. And there the owner came, Oji greeted us and talked along with my husband while we’re waiting the dishes come. Oji told us that the resto was his big family’s business, their home is exactly behind the resto. Unfortunately we haven’t talk much because Oji was quite busy served his customers by himself.

Last time i had dinner in seafood resto was like 1 year ago and i ordered udang too, but that time i ordered udang saus tiram, i even almost forgot the taste and as i remember, the taste was not surprisingly delicious. So i didn’t expect much this time. But then i was wrong, i was like “wow!” when took my first spoon to my mouth. I like, like, like it very much (endeus banget mak!). And my husband agreed 😉 For our dishes presentations, i would give 8 from 10. It’s gorgeous. His kwetiau seafood was just as delicious as mine, but my husband said it was kinda less salt. Well there sould be another kind of testimony, right?

After finished, we told the owner we were satisfied, and obviously will come back to taste the other menu! My husband didn’t want to miss the moment, he asked Oji to posed with us before we go home, and we asked kak Bhe (Bio’06) who surprisingly had dinner there too, to take our pict.


A recommended one!


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