new weapon


It was a startling surprise when i, in one time, just realize that Islam teaches us many du’a (prayer) for every condition of our life. Either the du’as were taught by Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, or the former anbiya, or the shahabat, all of them are very beautiful, indeed. And when we pray, we suggested to follow what they had taught, although you aren’t forbid to pray with your own words.

I myself used to pray with my own words, but when knowing that there are so many du’as taught by Rasulullah, with of course, the deeper meaning attached to them, I started to use those du’as in my daily life. And that was kinda meaningful turning point for me. I feel pleased when praying with those du’as, because following Rasulullah is a must for us as muslims,  praying with his du’as can make us feel ‘closer’ to him. Besides, Allah loves to hear du’a in Arabic more than in Indonesian one 😉

I have a favorite mp3 file inside my music player, which I listened to very often. Recited by Mishary Rasyid Alafasy, it is a fifteen minutes recitation full of beautiful and meaningful du’as. Those du’as covered all aspects of our life; they’re about thankful and praises to Allah, about ask for the best life, best success, best knowledge, best works, best (end of) death, about ask for the good manners, about the Palestinians, and so on. I guess you must have it on your playlist too. And when you play it often and often, you’ll soon can memorize those du’as, have them in your heart, then making du’a will kinda new hobby for you. And you’ll have your strong ‘weapon’ then.

“Prayer (du’a) is the believer’s weapon.”

“Itulah yang diperbuat keimanan. Membuka mata dan hati. Menumbuhkan kepekaan, menyirai kejelitaan, keserasian, dan kesempurnaan… Iman adalah persepsi baru terhadap alam, apresiasi baru terhadap keindahan dan kehidupan di muka bumi, diatas pentas penciptaan Allah, sepanjang malam dan siang…”</em (Sayyid Quthb)

ps. this is an old post from my fb note, i knew there are so many mistakes i made in grammar, i’ve done a bit corrections–but that’s really just a bit, still need to be corrected but i just have no idea anymore. Would you do me a favor in this, friends?


4 thoughts on “new weapon

  1. haiiiii ka ezaaa pkbr?kangen ih. btw, suatu waktu ga sengaja baca fb dan status kaka yg ngepost blog ini, eh akhirnya suka nongkrong lumayan lama juga neh ke blog ini. keren….lanjutkan kebiasaaan baiknya. klo dian baru mau belajar euy. blh dund ya ntar tanya2 dunia blogging ke ka eza 😀

    1. Dian! 🙂
      Apa kabar?

      Wah alhamdulillah bgt kalo ternyata blog ini ada yg baca :p, moga2 ada manfaat ya..

      Eh, jangan tanya dunia blogging ke saya, da aku mah apa atuh.. Cuma sering curcol aja, mengabadikan momeen2 dalam hidup 😀 😀

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