I have a friend, we met when we’re attended a ramadan’s event named PESIAR (Paket Eksklusif Studi Islam Ramadhan) which held at Masjid Agung Attin on 2005. The event was presented by Ikatan Rohis se-Jakarta Timur or so called IKRAR. It’s a four days event full of seminar, motivation trainings, and also outbound. Pesiar was a total irreplaceable, unbeatable, priceless one for me. Because i finally got my turning point of life; i found Allah’s way there.

It brought me to know about what Islam exactly is, until finally i wear hijab since then. I love the knowledge spreaded there, the full of tears muhasabah, the changing motivation training, and i love the ukhuwah built among the event’s crew and the attendances, including between me and her.

Her name is An Nissa DL, her friends usually called her just DL, she came from SMA PB Sudirman. She’s really a nice, warm-hearted, and a beautiful person. She doesn’t talk too much, but she kept her mouth from saying unnecessary things instead. One of the things i remember most about her is that she has a similar looks with Teh Ninih (Aa Gym’s first wife) because she wear hijab the same way as Teh Ninih’s, and she’s just as calm as Teh Ninih. The more i know her, the more i see how a lovely girl she is.

One time we’ve ever attended munasharah Palestine together, the event ended just close to maghreeb time, so we went home lately that day. I, DL, and a few of my friends went home by taxi. I remembered that on our way home, she sang along the songs from the munasharah, which originally sang by Izis, “hai mujahid muda, maju ke hadapan. Sibakkan penghalang, satukan tujuan~..”, and many more. I bet her spirit was really still on, while most of us inside the taxi were really tired, including the taxi driver πŸ˜€

Last time we met was in the end of 2013, when the daycare held a seminar and training “Alhamdulillah, Balitaku Khatam Alquran”. I didn’t remember i send her a broadcast message (i even lost contact with her for several years), but that day was really surprised me. I’m sooo happy i met her again after years, in such event like that. Later i knew that she works in a kindergarten school as a teacher, so she was very curious about the utrujah methods for teaching Alquran for kids. That time, Ayuma was still in my tummy πŸ˜‰

And finally, we met again on 14th March 2015, when Ayuma’s just 1 year old, right on DL’s birthday, right on her wedding. Yap, alhamdulillah DL is officially became wife of kak Hardi, my senior at senior high school. They were came from the same junior high school, so they’ve known each other since then. I found out that DL is just clicked to her husband’s personality, and so does he. They deserved each other, inSyaAllah. On her wedding, she looks very beautiful with the red-gold minang dress and also the suntiang (a big crown that the bride wear in adat minang). As i greeted her in the wedding stage, with heart full of delights, i overwhelmingly prayed for her, “may your relationship eternal till jannah..” :’). Barakallahu lakuma, DL & kak Hardi!



5 thoughts on “DL

    1. mba El :”””… i was looking for u that day at DL’s day, hoping we can finally meet again, i met kak Nopha, i asked her weather u’re coming or not, but u didn’t πŸ˜₯

      i guess i miss u more. heuu mellow!

  1. Baarakallahulakuma wa ‘alaikumaa wa fii kulli khoirin jama’a bainakuma DL. Though we never had a Chance to know Each other personally I heard a lot about u from my friends. And even you’ve been to my house for buying milk. So has Ur hubby Za. came just for buying milk. Hehe…

    1. πŸ˜€ I thought you knew her, Yan. Haha your milk factory seems so famous among the college students around yaa πŸ˜€

      Iya,, husband inget Difi yg jual susu utk didanusin πŸ˜€
      Big thanx for Dian who supports us through delicious milks!

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