welcome to the club, INFP!


Once i’ve read an article about one kind of personality named INTJ in a blog, and then i’ve heard INTJ mentioned again in a discussion once or twice, aand i’ve seen several people wrote that kind of personality on their bio twitter and whatsapp status. Felt curious about this, i began to search about it.

The INTJ is just one of 16 personalities developed by a psychologist named Isabel Briggs Myers with her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, also known as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which became the most popular personality indicators used today. It’s an advanced and elaborated theory of several known theory before, created by the father of analytical psychologist, Carl Jung. There are five personality aspects that when combined define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity. Mind shows how we interact with other people (Extraverted/Intraverted), Energy determines how we see the world and process information (iNtuitive/obServant), Nature determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions (Thinking/Feeling), while Tactics reflects our approach to work, planning, and decision-making (Judging/Prospecting), and finally, Identity shows how confident we are in our abilities and decisions (Assertive/Turbulent).


I always curious about myself, what kind of person i am, of what character did my friends known me best, what the best job that suits to my personality, and so forth. So i took the test here first. Not so satisfied with the first result because it said i’m an ENFP “The Campaigners”. it just way too much for me, i count myself is not that extrovert since several days ago i realized that i’m a half extrovert and half introvert, but feels like the introvert is exactly dominant. I took another test, and the result is INFP “The Healer”, “The Idealist”, or “The Mediator”. I read the descriptions, and surprised that i never felt that fit to such type of personality before. Some of them are just ring the bell in my head, realized that those are just totally me.


I’d like to resume a bit about INFP, so at least it wouldn’t be so hard for me to describe myself anymore:

– idealist
– calm (!!!) but have inner flame that would shine
– creative workers (many of the writers are INFP) (!!!)
– have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty through metaphors and fictional characters (!!!)
– have a good ability in language (!!!)
– enjoying contemplating the philosophical things (!!!)
– easily speaking with metaphors and parables
– can communicate deeply with others
– and understanding themselves and their place in the world (!!!)
(resumed from here)
– Focus: making the world a better place for people
– Primary goal: to find out their meaning in life
-drive themselves hard in the quest for achieving the goals they have identified for themselves
– intuitive
– good listeners
– reserved in expressing emotions (!!!)
– interested in understanding people
– quite warm with people she knows well (!)
– do not like conflict
– do not want to feel badly
– not a detail-oriented, but will cover every possible detail when working for their cause
– do not like to deal with hard facts & logic (!!)
– have very hard standards and are perfectionists. Usually hard on thems and don’t give themselves enough credits (!!)
– awkward & uncomfortable with expressing themselves verbally, but have a wonderful ability to define and express what they’re feeling on paper (!!!!)
(resumed from here)


8 thoughts on “welcome to the club, INFP!

  1. I tried this personality test just last night and found my self is an ISFP. The defender. Then I Read the explanation and couldn’t agree more.

    1. Accurately scary, people said 😀
      let’s develop together sist!

      Btw, maam, any correction for my writings ? Please let me know, i’ll respectfully listen 🙂

      1. Hihi..how should I say, i do admire your writing skill too much to find any flaw in it. Hmm, i could Only find minor mistakes, it seems you’re a bit confused with passive and active voice. After all, you got rich vocabs and brave enough to make complex sentences. Keep up Za ^^

      2. Whoa, i thank you maam for zooming out my problems from up there. you know, it’s hard to find mistakes down here. Gonna learn more about the passive & active voices inSyaAllah.

        Btw yea, as an english learner who got those vocabs from movies (mostly animation), here’s the results. I found out that this still very very messy that i need your guidance maam. Would you? 🙂

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