the nourisher

Meet Tris Destiana, my friend whom i knew her from Ikrar and recently became wife of my high school friend, Agung. I don’t really close to her in fact, since we met only on Ikrar’s events i attended which were so long time ago, and several times on Masjid UI when we’re still in college. All i knew that she was getting involved on many school’s and college’s islamic activities, a highly mobile one, also a cute graphics designer. But gratefully later i got a chance to know her more.

It was sunday night when i received a sad news from Latifa about Tris’ miscarriage, so we decided to visit her in her house at condet on next monday. At first i thought she still totally bedrest after the curettage last saturday, but i was wrong. She looked almost totally healthy like there’s nothing happened on her as she welcomed us in front of her house. Then i was like wow, imagined how painful the curettement she took just two days ago and now she walked onto the kitchen to serve us with a lot of organic fruits, even bought an UHT milk for my little Ayuma before i got there? That’s just superb. She really is a tough woman.

We talked much then, about the miscarriage, how could it possibly happened, how several of my friends went through this and alhamdulillah got pregnant not so long after that. Yep, no doubt that indeed, having children is the matter of rizq that Allah has prepared for us, and He would give us in the exact time. But one of the most interesting topic for me that day is when she started to tell us about the organic fruits & vegetables, and the business she had, Nourish Indonesia.

She started this all in the beginning of 2014, when she went to Bali and found so many organic restaurants there. She bought so many kinds of organic products for her friends and herself as she planned a healthier life by consuming organic foods everyday. She then asked the owner’s opinion about reselling the products in Jakarta (since organic foods are still rare here), and the owner was very welcome. Then she started doing everything by herself alone; looking for the right plastic packages, making website, receiving many orders by phone, doing packaging, etc.

Her daily routines to make  smoothies and any other foods from organic products and shared the recipes & photos on instagram made her gain many followers whose later got more curious about the ingredients. After one year undergoing this business, she even had to resign from her job because too many orders to be responded, packed, and sent everyday. Regards to her struggle, she successfully reach turnover in amazing numbers every month. She said, “it began as something that was unintended, but Allah simply just showed me to this way..” 🙂

What a great achievement she had in her 24, made me think how priceless the chance and willingness are. Behind those all, she must have gained much knowledge about business before, so when the time to undergo business has come, she really know what to do. Priceless experience that everybody who wants to be an entrepreneur should take the lessons.

I do thanked her for sharing, and especially for serving those fruits also lunches (you successfully made our stomach full, Tris! Ckck), and prayed for her to get well very soon. Wish to see you again, dear!

cheezu !

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