#day15 – the Dome of the telescope

my friend's artwork on Bosscha. Beautiful, don't you think?

Do you have a place that you feel you strongly related to it so much?

Well, i have. Just realized it these days. That feeling when you see this place in a picture, or a movie, or in the internet, is different. Feels like you’ve been known this place for a long time, although the fact is you’re not. Feels like you wanna visit that place again because you missed it so much. Feels like, you just belong there.

It’s the Bosscha Observatory, the one and only observatory in our country until now. First time i visited it was when i’m on the 6th grade elementary school, in a farewell trip before we graduated. We came there in the afternoon, so we couldn’t see the moon or stars. Not much, but i still remember the joyous. Years after, me, Ummi & Amani, my friends at college, planned to go to Bosscha as we share the same interest and always curious about the astronomical things. And we made it.

My very first experience of using the real huge telescope. So excited that you can imagine! I finally could see the surface of the moon through the Bamberg Telescope. MasyaAllah. It was like the lyric, “shining, shimmering, splendid..” played in your head. It was like, your body lifted up several inches from the ground. It was just perfect, and the different sensation you felt was irreplaceable.

Not so long after, i’ve got a chance to do Kerja Praktik at Lembang, and that means i could visit Bosscha almost every night, especially in the public nights! It has been kinda new routines for me back then, to go to the labs in the morning and go visit the observatory when afternoon. Glad to have Masep and Sulis, the masters of astronomy who managed everyday’s visits and act as guide plus speaker too, whom welcome me in their very best way. They’re really such as astronomy geeks who know everything, and educate the visitors in simple explanations. My standing applause for both of them.

And so that was the last time i visited Bosscha. I haven’t visit it yet again since then. But i really wanna go there every time i saw it on Petualangan Sherina :p, or every time i looked at Nene‘s artwork. My dream is to take Ayuma there, to see the milkyway together. To witness the mighty of Allah..


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