hello, hiatus

a very long curcol, don’t read this. You’ve been warned.

After (almost) a month of massive posts in my blog trying to challenge myself to follow #NulisRandom2015, here eventually i meet hiatus. Hello there. I guess you’re glad to meet me again after these years.

My first moment of ‘silence’ is exactly after my 20th day of NulisRandom on June 2015, after thinking all over again considering not to continue the project that hundreds of people enthusiastically participated. But why i quit after going that far (only 10 days left to finish it!)?
First, i finally knew that the spirit they tried to spread, to write every single day, is actually for those who intended to be fiction writers. Yes, it’s true. A fiction writer is like he’s on a mission with the precise time to accomplish, so when it come to hiatus, he probably will never accomplish that, because if one get stucked and choose to stop for a while, it may take forever. Sort of. Well i surely haven’t been there, but that’s the struggle of being a learning-fiction writer. That’s why the project initiator encourage people to write everyday. Which is a different condition from the non-fiction writer wanna be.

A non-fiction writer should take a look at his surroundings, find something that took his attention, write it down with his own perspective, there become a new writing. Since there’s nothing new under the sun, a non-fiction writer should always sharpen his sense, and he need some times to take a deep breath to the surface and then go swim deeper into the sea of contemplation. Therefore, non-fiction writers can’t push themselves to ‘just write’ everyday. Unless, they got saturated, and that was what happened to me when i tried this project.

So that’s why, i decided to make my 20th writing as the last post of mine, and because the time of Ramadan has come, i thought i’ve already made a big step with several posts about Ramadan’s preparation, so i ended it. Besides in fact i really have many things to do on Ramadan that make me (trying to look) quite busy, and i guess you all feel that too; you can’t take your eyes from Quran and you’ll try your best to recite pages of pages as many as possible. Not to mention the Tadabbur Harian project presented by the community MA06 (MuhajirinAnshor, a whatsapp group discussion about Alquran) that insisted me to open the kitab titled Khowathir Qur’aniyah to resume each juz’ into one or two paragraphs every single day. So yeah, i didn’t write post in my blog, but i did write tadabbur which is powerfully inspiring myself throughout the days. You can check it here.

So what happened back then, after Ramadan end and there’s still no new post? That’s the real hiatus for me. I don’t know how i totally lost the willingness to share experience and stuffs, one thing i remember is that sometimes i just don’t want to write my daily activities, because people nowadays are so busy sharing theirs while no one actually need those intense updates. Just because i’ve just visited places here and there, doesn’t mean i should post it. Moreover, things happened in jogja made me have no focus on this smartphone. I often left it behind, i often skipped the conversation in whatsapp groups.

And to end this loooong ngalor ngidul post, i’m officially breaking my hiatus, and see how this not important post revives my spirit (i write this just to practice english more and more). Hello again blog, i’m back! 🙂


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