[transcript] Make A Change by Nouman Ali Khan

you know how we learn the expression “kabbirha takbur, saghirha tasghur”, “make something big and it becomes a big deal, make something small it becomes the small thing”? but you know what? this ayah is about making akhirah big, and making dunya
small. that’s all it’s about. we’re gonna go through life, we’re gonna have careers, we’re gonna have educational accomplishmets, we’re going to have challanges, all of those things are gonna be there. but, you know what? these are all temporary. these are all temporary.

one day will come, and there will be a congregation, and they’re going to make shalah, and they’re going to make an announcement that there is a janazah, and it’s gonna be mine, and it’s gonna be yours. it’s going to happen. and people are gonna pray over
us, and then we’re gonna be gone. and it’s sooner rather than later, i mean quite a
bit of our life has already passes by, so it’s not like we’re getting further away from that day. we’re only getting closer. so the sooner we enternalize that what Allah has
is better ’cause we’re heading towards it any way. more just doing ourselves a favor.

if we can just learn to utilize our time the right way. and like i said, we make 10 year plan, 15 year plan, we don’t think about the akhirah. then how do you think about the akhirah? how do you practically plan for the akhirah? you don’t make a 10 year plan, you don’t make a 15 year plan for the akhirah. you make a daily plan. it’s not about making long term goals. it’s about how did you spent today? what do you gonna do afterwards? how you gonna spend tomorrow? when you gonna wake up? what are you gonna do with your free time? when you gonna erase those useless game off your phone? when you gonna stop watching so much TV? when you gonna stop? when you gonna stop wasting time just chatting away or trolling?
when you gonna stop?

when are you going to hold yourself to a higher standard if not today? if you don’t
make your change in your day, how you wake up, how you go to sleep, what you say and what you do, especially how you spend what you think as free time, cause it’s
not free. you’re not paying for it now, you and i will be paying for it with Allah. we will be paying for it. there is a price. we’re not realize, we’re gonna be paying for it, but
it’s on record. you know how people feel relax when they’re off the clock? when they punch out of the office, what were constantly on the clock with these angels. they
don’t take a break. and when they do, they put the other alternative on shift.

so that plan has to be made for our day. so why don’t make some serious commitments to yourself? this is not for you to share with anyone else. this is just you and yourself. you’re your worse predict when it comes to this. and you and i have to decide how we are going to live our life differently, because wallahi the moment we start saying, “i’m doing pretty good, i actually don’t have nothing to change my life, i’m set.” that delusion, it must be that so many other people have given you that false of delusion. they blinded you for so long, they pour so much dust in your eyes, now you can’t even see who you are for yourself.


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