Ayuma’s milestone (2)

this little princess couldn't be happier πŸ™‚

The only reason i postponed writing this post from her birthday is that, i believe that she’ll reach more of her milestone day by day. And alhamdulillah she did.. :’)

It’s like just yesterday i posted her first year milestone, and suddenly now i should post for her second. Time really flies, i could even remember all the detail from the first day i knew i was pregnant, the day i gave birth, the days when she still really weak as a newborn. And look at her now. She can run, stomp, jump, tiptoe, and even climb my shoulder then stand on it hands-free. Isn’t she a great climber, huh? πŸ˜€ By her 2 years old, alhamdulillah she reached the target i made on her weight and am really happy for it :’) finally she weighted 10 kg, something that i couldn’t believe she made it, and her height is 83,5 cm. She gets to like more various food day by day, i often call her champion for it eventhough she’s still picky eating. Proud of it.

Her gross motor skills did developed very well, i admit that this is her best part. Her ability of climbing is beyond good, she climbs fearless almost on everything, one of them is motorcycle. I kid you not. People mostly worried of what she did, but she really has been used to it, she already mastered it, so when seeing her in her act i just need to make sure that she climbs safely from a far.

For her fine motor skills, alhamdulillah she already could drink from a glass by herself and spoon her meal quite well. She likes transfering macaroni by spoon. She also likes to imitate me to clean the floor by broom, and put books in the shelf πŸ™‚ Ayuma also can paint by brush, hold her pencil with the right position, and open the book pages slowly.

As for cognitive and language, this part needs my hard work more. She could barely make some meaningful sounds when she’s around 15 months old, and it’s “sa” for Elsa! By her 19 months old, she could replied moo, meow, tweet, and roar when i ask her what does the animals says one by one. By her 24th months old, she finally can make more sounds like the Little Baby Bum’s “Animal Sounds Song” video, which is about 15 different sounds. I may say that the videos are really helpful to make her easier making more sounds (and she even memorized the order, masyaAllah). She also can say “ka” for buka, and “tu” for tutup, and many other words like so, kyu (thank you), yuwa (you are), sss (bismillah), and ssa or siku (assalamu’alaykum), which she got from music videos or cartoons. I have a recording when she struggled so hard trying to say assalamu’alaykum (imitating Harris J’s song), which is really heartwarming for me. I know that someday she will say these words fully, inSyaAllah.

Aaand, her very first full word is: circle! She said that like “siko”, but yeah that’s her first and we’re really happy to hear it! Kinda big step for her, hope it will followed by another words. She is really good at imitating something especially the gestures from characters of cartoons which she watched, she even remember most of the funny scenes that she likes (“the wilderness must be explored! Kwak kwak, rooaaaar!” from Up is her favorite). Now she began to imitate the expressions as well and it’s super cute. She knocks door when she want to enter a room, she brushes her teeth, she tries to wear shirts and pants by herself, wash her hair and shoulder when taking bath, and so on. The thing that me and my husband love the most about her is her discipline. She likes to do something in order, one of the most adorable acts is when she take off her shoes by herself and then pick them up by just one hand and put them in the shoes shelf with a happy-enthusiastic-confident-face. Priceless!

The activities that she likes most are: playing with her dolls, playing with her parents’ wallets, get inside the cardboard, reading books, drawing on the wall or her body, ‘Make A Circle’ with friends and singing and dancing, and pretend play by herself. πŸ™‚

Well i hope i didn’t miss things, as my hands are getting tired of seems-never-ending typing. Like a book titled Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready, i have to continue giving her stimulations, and by His wills, inSyaAllah we’ll make it, dear. Love u to the moon and back!

that 'priceless smile' πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Ayuma’s milestone (2)

  1. Happy belated birthday ayuma shalihah.. barakallah fii umrik shalihah.. πŸ™‚
    Udah 2 tahun aja ya za.. hehe.. salam dari ayyasha buat kaka ayuma :-*

  2. Ayumyumm, barakallah fiik ya Yumyum dan bundanya :**
    btw Za, porsi screen time Ayuma sampai skrg cukup banyakkah?
    sejak azima udah lebih ngerti upin ipin dan hobi denger “Promise”-nya Harris J dari youtube (toss sm kakak yumyum yg suka Harris J, wkwk), aku jd membatasi banget gadget untuk Azima πŸ˜€

    1. Wa fiik barakallah kk.. πŸ™‚
      Nah itu yg masih jd PR kak, karena Yuma masih sering makan sambil nonton agar mau buka mulut. tapi belakangan ini udah mulai mau lahap makan tanpa tontonan, tapi masih perlu disuapin. Jd ngurangin screen time masih pelan nih. Dulu pernah berhasil free screen time, tapi karena susah makan, jd nonton lagi. InSyaAllah sekarang Yuma udah ngga susah makan lagi πŸ™‚

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