I thought it was such an easy decision to make. But in fact, it wasn’t. It’s never been.

Being in that place where i belong for these 2 years and had to leave it soon, all by my own decision, is indescribable. I watch them grow, i play with them with lots of laughter and hugs and holding hands, i lead them sing and make some movements together–one that we really really love, i taught them hijaiyah & surah, praying & learn short hadits, du’a, and get to know the Quran closer.. Also the ammahs, whom i treated just like my own family, those talks and laughter and everything.. And all of a sudden, it’s just disappear from my life. This is the moment where i feel both relieved and lost for the same time. But ya, the life must go on, i’ve chosen for what’s best for me inSyaAllah, and i couldn’t be more relieved : )

I’ve loved my kiddos very much, i’ll be missing them so bad, i really hope that we’ll meet again in a better chance. With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you love me too? 😉 ❤


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