An Indonesian Writer, A Scholar

One of Salim A. Fillah's book. source:

The first time i read about this challenge about favorite Indonesian writer, i thought that’s for the fiction writer only, so i was like have no clue since i don’t read fictions much. But then i realize that it’s not, so a second later his name was just pop up in my head. Yes, my all time favorite non-fiction writer, Salim A. Fillah.

I started to read his book when i’m still in senior high school, in 2005. His first book that i read was titled Gue Never Die. I borrowed it from my senior. I honestly didn’t expect anything big from this book, i don’t know either why i chose to take this book to home from my senior’s library, just curious. The cover looked good, though.

I read this book in many occasions. One day when i read this book on my way home after school, i had this sentence which quotes the holy Quran verse,
“and He is with you wheresoever you may be..” (QS.Al Hadid: 4)
all of a sudden, i felt warmth in my heart as tears started to burst. Just by that simple verse. I was shaken. I suddenly felt that i’m definitely not alone. I suddenly felt that there is someOne who is watching me from above, and taking count for whatever i do. On that very moment, i realize that my life is about to change forever.

The more pages i turned, the more i knew that this kinda writing is like out of this world. I’ve never read such sentences like that before. It’s nearly indescribable, all i could say is it’s just beautifully written; and it opened my eyes about our purpose of life as a human being, something that i’ve lost for all this time. It pushed me to be a better person everyday with a shining personality. But this book is definitely not as heavy as you think. Instead, the writing is just flow as it leads us to the better understanding about what Islam is truly about. It was just so beautiful. And his books changed me so i can be who i am till now. His style of writing also greatly influence mine. I started to write the way he wrote since then.

Salim A. Fillah had written so many best-selling books, and he’s still routinely writing on his social media accounts almost about everything up to date, which like always, come with very wider knowledges, deeper thoughts, and deeper lessons. So typical from him. Reading his posts made me dropped my jaws, seeing the fact that his knowledge is tremendously vast; he memorized details from many many historical events, from Rasulullah’s era until the VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie) occupation, the names, the places, the exact dates. I wonder who his teachers are, how many books he read, and how many time that he had spent to gain such crystallized knowledge like that. I once thought that he may have a time turner like Hermione had in the Harry Potter lol.

For me, his writings are indeed food for thoughts that you will always be craved for. That’s the profile of a writer that is so rare nowadays.

How about you, who is your favorite Indonesian writer?

His one of the most recent photo. Along with his wife, ready to go to Hajj. source: WhatsApp images



4 thoughts on “An Indonesian Writer, A Scholar

  1. Hi Eliza, this is my first time visiting your blog; nice to meet you! πŸ™‚
    I’ve known Salim A Fillah’s writings only from social media.. so thanks to your post, now I know he already wrote some books too πŸ˜€
    Might want to check them sometime..

    1. Whoaa, an admin has just visited my blog! Thank you and nice to meet you too! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, in fact he started being well known because of his books, since like 10 years ago.

      You might won’t find his books in major bookstores, but i think they’re available on line. Go check them, hope you’ll be inspired!

    1. Hana, thanks for reading!

      Gue Never Die emang jadul bgt Han, udah susah juga nyarinya. Intinya buat beginner tuk yang pengen kenal Islam lebih dalem, pas bgt baca ini πŸ˜€

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