[transcript] The Job of A Muslim

source: sahealth.sa.gov.au

What is the role of the da’i and how women can fulfill that role?

Our job is not to be da’i, our job is to be a muslim. Ibrahim ‘alaihissalam gave us this deen, the name of this deen and he said, “our Lord, and make us muslims (in submission) to you and from our desdcendants a muslim nation (in submission) to You.” (2:128)

Our role is to be a muslim. never lose that title. This is the title that we are proud of, everything else is a piece of this one tree. Everything else is a fruit of this one tree. Your job in life is not to be a da’i. Your job in life is to be a muslim.

Now, as a muslim, you have lots of responsibilities. Some responsibilities you absolutely have to fulfill every single day. As a parent, i have responsibilities to my child. I have responsibilities to my parents. I have responsibilities to Allah for salah. I have responsibilities of earning. I have these responsibilities everyday, and i have to fulfill them, and i have to try to do justice for all of them.

For men, you have to give time to your wife, sorry. You have to give time to your children. You have to give time to your parents. You have to give time to Allah’s house, the masjid. You have to give time to your job. You have to give time to your health. You have to give time to your learning. You have to give time to your friends. Oh my God! i ran out of time. You have to give time to your rest. Yes or no? You have to give time to relax. You need it. You need to chill out and just do nothing or do something stupid. You need time for that too. You need time for these things and you need to balance all those things. And by the way, in the middle of all of that, you should make time to represent the deen of Allah as best as you can.

Now, does that mean that you have to go to the street and do da’wah? if you have time, it’s a nice thing to do. But if you don’t have time, you’re not missing an obligation. Allah did not tell every single muslim to go out and do da’wah. Allah ‘Azza wa Jall made that the responsibility of an ummah. And by the way, when you find that balance between all of those things, man, that is the greatest da’wah you will ever ever do because the world is out of balance.

Nobody knows how to balance their life. People do good in their carrier, and destroy their family. People take care of their family, they destroy their business. People take care of their children, ruin their marriage. People take care of their parents, forget about their kids. People take care of their kids, forget about their parents. All these imbalances. Who is supposed to represent balance? this muslim. and when you have balance, people will say, hey hey! where you got this imbalance from? It’s so nice. That’s from Islam.

People will be attracted to this balance. Instead of giving people duroos (study) about balance, live it. Be it. People should want to be like you. That’s the real obligation today.

I’ll thell you the extreme that’s happening. I find it very disturbing. People want to study Qur’an, people want to study hadeeth, and they want to study it eight hours a day. If you are studying eight hours a day, your husband, or your wife is not getting time from you. Your children are not getting time from you. You’re not doing proper exercise. You’re probably not eating healthy either. You are not keeping connections with your relationships. Allah does not want you to study Qur’an and forget about your life. This is not a service to Islam. This is imbalance. This is what the Qur’an came to correct. How can you sit there reading Qur’an, and read, “qul siiruu fil ardh”. What does that mean? “go out in the land.” And you are reading tafseer Ibn Katheer, Al Qurtubi?You know someone said so and so, how about what Allah said, “siiruu fil ardh!”, go take a walk. Go outside. Allah is telling you, you know, go travel, it’ll increase your imaan. It’ll affect you. The book pushes you to go, stop reading sometimes, and go experience. The best tafseer of, “Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspend and (sometimes) folded in?” (67:19), is not in a book. The best tafseer is where? In the sky. Go look. That’s the tafseer of that ayah.

(watch the video here)

p.s.: finally i’m back with a new post with some worthy efforts after long hiatus! hope this one enlighten you, friends!


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