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An Indonesian Writer, A Scholar

One of Salim A. Fillah's book. source: iamproudtobemuslim.com

The first time i read about this challenge about favorite Indonesian writer, i thought that’s for the fiction writer only, so i was like have no clue since i don’t read fictions much. But then i realize that it’s not, so a second later his name was just pop up in my head. Yes, my all time favorite non-fiction writer, Salim A. Fillah.

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[Seri Ramadhan – Part 1] Saatnya Mengubah Hidupmu

image source: days.to

oleh Kareem Elsayed

Ramadhan is about to come in 26 days (or less)!

Ramadhan bisa menjadi salah satu masa paling dramatis, paling life-changing, dalam kehidupan seorang muslim. Betapa tidak? 30 hari di dalamnya adalah hari-hari paling berlimpah pahala dalam setahun. Bayangkan kita melakukan ibadah harian yang biasa kita lakukan, misalnya shalat maghrib saja. Lalu kita ingat hadits “..maka setiap kebaikan yang ia perbuat akan tercatat 10 kali lipat hingga 700 kali lipat..” (shahih Bukhari). Bergantung pada tingkat keikhlasan dan kekhusyukan, kita bisa mendapat pahala hingga 700 kali lipat banyaknya. MasyaAllah.. Mari berjuang keras untuk meraup sebanyak mungkin pahala di bulan ini!

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[transcript] I Swear by Time: a tafsir of surah Al ‘Ashr

time turner

The first thing we gonna talk about today is the fact this is one of the surahs that belongs to a score of surahs that begin with oaths. The rough translation if i was to say “wal ‘ashr”, “I swear by time”. It’s very course translation but still, the point that’s coming across is Allah Himself is taking an oath. He’s swearing by something. What’s the benefit of Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla swearing? There are few;

  1. Acknowledge the _____, the magnificent nature of something

Whenever Allah swears by a something profound and magnificent, something that demands reflection, in other words, Allah is calling the human being’s attention to reflect on the passage of time.

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the nourisher

Meet Tris Destiana, my friend whom i knew her from Ikrar and recently became wife of my high school friend, Agung. I don’t really close to her in fact, since we met only on Ikrar’s events i attended which were so long time ago, and several times on Masjid UI when we’re still in college. All i knew that she was getting involved on many school’s and college’s islamic activities, a highly mobile one, also a cute graphics designer. But gratefully later i got a chance to know her more.
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welcome to the club, INFP!


Once i’ve read an article about one kind of personality named INTJ in a blog, and then i’ve heard INTJ mentioned again in a discussion once or twice, aand i’ve seen several people wrote that kind of personality on their bio twitter and whatsapp status. Felt curious about this, i began to search about it.

The INTJ is just one of 16 personalities developed by a psychologist named Isabel Briggs Myers with her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, also known as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which became the most popular personality indicators used today. It’s an advanced and elaborated theory of several known theory before, created by the father of analytical psychologist, Carl Jung. There are five personality aspects that when combined define the personality type: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity. Mind shows how we interact with other people (Extraverted/Intraverted), Energy determines how we see the world and process information (iNtuitive/obServant), Nature determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions (Thinking/Feeling), while Tactics reflects our approach to work, planning, and decision-making (Judging/Prospecting), and finally, Identity shows how confident we are in our abilities and decisions (Assertive/Turbulent).

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